1. How long does it take to make trousers?

We sew the trousers after ordering, according to the size and length of the trousers you have chosen. Production takes 10-12 working days.

2. How long does it take to make sweaters?

If we do not have products on site, production takes 10-12 working days.

3. If i order a set of sweater and trousers, how long will it take?

Because we sew the trousers after the order. Order duration will take 10-12 working days.

4. Why such a long production period?

The AUCH brand is not focused on mass production, quality and handwork are very important to us.  We focus on a customer according to its needs. 

5. What do you use to send orders in Lithuania?

Orders are sent via OMNIVA post offices or through Lithuanian Post.

6. Are you shipping abroad?

Yes, we ship our products abroad by registered mail. The price depends on which country you choose. The shipping period depends on the mail delivery provider.

7. Is it possible to return products?

Yes. Product return should be made in 14 days. To return the product contact us via email hello@auchstore.com.

8. Do you accept individual orders?

Yes, please contact us via email hello@auchstore.com and we will discuss about details.

9. I want to receive the product by a certain date, what should I do?

Before ordering the product, please contact us via email hello@auchstore.com or send us a private message via Instagram or Facebook, so that we can ensure the delivery of the product by the required date. Please do this as soon as possible as there may be a production or fabric delivery period.

10. How to take care of product?

Each of our products requires appropriate care, information on how to care for the purchased garment can be found on the label sewn on the inside of the product or on the information card that is attached to each purchased product, and this information can also be found in e-shop of the each product description.

11. I have a gift card, how can I pay with it in the e-shop?

On the coupon you will find a three-digit coupon number that you need to enter at the checkout, on top you will see a note (DO YOU HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE? CLICK HERE AND ENTER THE CODE) after clicking and entering the amount, the system will automatically calculate the amount.

The coupon is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


If you have any questions, we will be pleased to help you.
Contact us by hello@auchstore.com.

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